Another one in the books!
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    Another one in the books!

    Another one in the books!

    Yup. Another one in the books as we round out another amazing year.

    2019 has been more about personal enlightenment, fulfillment, and satisfaction
    than any year prior; surrounding ourselves with an amazing team, and attracting
    an incredible array of customers from all over the world.

    While we've supercharger well over 400 of these 5.2L V10 motors found in the
    various Audi and Lamborghini models since 2009, the excitement we get every
    time a new one is complete never seems to fade! Even more gratifying for our
    entire team is the feedback and response we get from our customers after their
    very first drive - like this quote after the customers first drive.

    Another one in the books!-perf_insta_testimonial-jpg

    The absolutely gorgeous Verde Draco Huracan Performante in the photos below
    is just one of more than 40 Performante models we have Hypercharged since our
    initial release in the first quarter of 2018.

    Another one in the books!-green-performante-3-jpg

    Another one in the books!-green-performante-6-jpg

    Another one in the books!-green-performante-7-jpg

    Another one in the books!-green-performante-4-jpg

    Another one in the books!-green-performante-8-jpg

    Another one in the books!-green-performante-5-jpg

    For those who may not remember, this is the very same supercharger system,
    (dubbed the 'HYPERCHARGER') that Motor Trend Magazine tested and gave the
    honorable mention of the quickest car they tested all year - including the 720S.

    Another one in the books!-motor-trend-honorable-mention-jpg

    Each system ships all-inclusive, for a direct bolt-on installation with no permanent
    modifications or fabrication required. The entire process takes approx. 3 - 5 days
    to complete, is tuned on the factory ECU, and drives perfectly with the factory
    clutch packs. There is absolutely no change to your factory recommended service
    and/or maintenance, the the car retains EVERYTHING that makes this V10 engine
    special in the first place!

    0-60 MPH in 2.2 Seconds
    1/4 Mile in 9.9 Seconds

    Systems are IN-STOCK and ready to ship!

    Professional installation can be performed in Southern California, or
    at any of our 30+ Certified Installers around the world!

    The only question you need to answer is "Who's Next?" !!!

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    ABOUT VF-Engineering:
    VF-Engineering, Inc. uses state of the art processes to design, create, test and manufacture one of the highest quality supercharger kits on the market. The VF-Engineering facility is Located in the heart of Southern California. All our products are created and tested in house to ensure optimal gains and ensure factory like driveability and reliability.
    Proudly Made in the USA.

    P: 714-528-0066

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Another one in the books!