Another Supercharged Performante - and MORE !!!
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    Another Supercharged Performante - and MORE !!!
    Quote Originally Posted by Rennteam View Post
    From various reviews with the European supercharger kit from VF (sold through MTM and others), I can tell that the performance advantage/gain is mainly at speeds over 125 mph.

    Something must have been inadvertently taken out of context, as all of the
    feedback we've received from those owners you've noted
    , has been very
    much the opposite of that.

    The Supercharger delivers immediate power, making more than 6 lbs. of
    boost as low as 2,500 rpm. The boost in very linear and increases through
    the entire rev range.

    This is precisely why the car can accelerate from 0-100kph in as little as
    2.2 seconds, and 100-200kph in under 4.7 seconds, both of which are
    significantly faster than stock.

    ABOUT VF-Engineering:
    VF-Engineering, Inc. uses state of the art processes to design, create, test and manufacture one of the highest quality supercharger kits on the market. The VF-Engineering facility is Located in the heart of Southern California. All our products are created and tested in house to ensure optimal gains and ensure factory like driveability and reliability.
    Proudly Made in the USA.

    P: 714-528-0066

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    I can only talk about the real life reviews done by German car magazines under controlled conditions: Both times, the tested cars were only insignificantly faster than the stock car(s). I think, if I remember right, the 0-200 kph (125 mph) performance gain was one second or so... At higher speeds over 200 kph (125 mph), the performance gain was substantial though.
    I don't know if the German tuning kits have a different software and/or are modified to apply to German (EU) laws.

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Another Supercharged Performante - and MORE !!!