We all know how imposing the 4x4 Squared can be but to us, the wheels always left a little bit to be desired. For the most part aftermarket options worthy of such a vehicle were few and far between until HRE came up with a new 8-lug iteration of their already wildly successful TR1 Series. Choosing a wheel from a manufacture thats been around almost as long as the G Wagon itself made all the sense in the world to us and the even better news is the TR188 will soon open a whole new segment of 8-lug HD Truck options thatll be sure to excite!

Wheel Specs:
Size: 22x10.5
Finish: Gloss Black
Tires: Toyo Open country R/T
Tire Size: 37x13.50x22

Also Available: 20 Sizing || Various Finishes

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