F1 Kahn Bugatti Veyron For Sale
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    F1 Kahn Bugatti Veyron For Sale

    F1 Kahn Bugatti Veyron For Sale

    One of the most famous Bugatti Veyron’s around the world with registration plate F1 is for sale. The asking price is 937.875 euros. Sale ad link: Bugatti Veyron 16.4 als Sportwagen/Coupé in Bradford

    The owner of the car is Afzal Kahn, the owner of Project Kahn Design. Kahn paid £440,000 for the registration plate, the most expensive plate ever purchased in the United Kingdom.

    He recently turned down an offer for £6 Million for the F1 number plate. The Veyron is matte black and red colour scheme with a set of Kahn wheels.
    We wonder on what car the infamous F1 plate will be if Kahn will sell his Bug?

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    Not a fan of the Kahn wheels on the Bug.

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    I agree with Corey nothing on this bug is exciting

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F1 Kahn Bugatti Veyron For Sale