Hi guys-
Heres what I have: only owner, 2016 LP610 with 16k on it.
My temp gauge has always stayed spot on in the middle until a few wks ago. I took it into my independent service shop and the OBD reader came back with fan-2 blockage. It's now been replaced but my gauge climbs up to over 3/4 nearing the red.
OK follow me through this- in test driving it with the OBD plugged in we have the fans coming on at 212F (spec is 185F for Gallardo- maybe same for 610?) We showed them (fans) as they would ramp up and back down to hold 212~217F. The car never got above 200F while driving and after driving sitting at idle never above 217F.
Pressure sensor / temp probe is the same unit on all these current Lamborghinis and is located atop ft radiator #1 drivers side at hose.

In short, the dead fan could have been a fluke in relation to the main problem. Is there a reset that would have the fans come on at 185F if thats spec? Can you think of anything else that would cause this to occur?

Thanks in advance, be fun to drive this car again....

Temp issue LP610-img_2463-jpg