Simple lowering solutions
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    Simple lowering solutions

    Simple lowering solutions
    We have installed about 10 sets of the Novitec Lowering Spring kits and I have probably sold another 15 sets. Some of them were very straight forward and caused no issues, others gave us lift errors or suspension errors. The kits are very high quality and we were generally pretty happy with the performance from the kits. We have taken many phone calls and worked with many shops that have installed these kits and worked them through the problems. One of the biggest problems is that many of the shops and customers that buy them don't know if the car they have has Magneto or non Magneto suspension. I cannot tell you how many people and hw many shops have ordered the wrong ones.

    We are waiting to get our hands on the KW HAS kits which should be the exact same as the Novitec kit since KW makes the kits for Novitec. The only advantage to getting the KW version may be the price and availability.

    We tried the lowering spring method that has been out for a year on a customers car. He brought me the car with the parts and we installed them. We were hoping that this solution would work because it would be a simple and easy to install solution that could be trouble free for our customers. The ride quality after the installation of these springs was so bad that the customer came back to have his stock springs put back in 3 days later. The springs that we installed were some lower cost springs made in China probably but they have a name that I hear a lot of people throwing around these days. If you have purchased one of these spring kits and have them in your car, you know exactly what I am talking about.

    This is the company that you want to buy your coil springs from if you are just going to just replace coil springs. The only problem is that they never had a set of springs available for a Huracan. They do now. We are currently stocking them, we have our first order on the way to us. WE HAVE NOT INSTALLED ANY YET, so I cannot give you honest feedback to the ride height or ride quality yet. If you are in SoCal and you want to lower your Huracan please give me a call. We would like to find out how well these springs work on a Huracan so we can give the community some feedback. I will have them in stock by the end of the week.

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    Lot of misinformation posted by vendor

    1. All you have to do is open the hood and peak through the engine side panel to look for the electrical connector for mag shocks. Any competent shop can do that.
    2. The lowering spring made by VAP ride very good. A lot Lambo dealers have done install and have complimented the ride quality and height.
    3. H&R spring only lower the car by .8 inches.

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Simple lowering solutions