Lowered My 610-4... So far so good!  *VIDEO*
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    Lowered My 610-4... So far so good! *VIDEO*

    Lowered My 610-4... So far so good!  *VIDEO*
    So I'm on my third mod now... So far I have the windows tinted, then got it wrapped (shout out to CK Wraps) and now we dropped it about a couple of inches and it's looking schweet!! Got my Springs from Ultimate Performance and Design.

    Well enjoy the video and you can stop the video where I start talking about my real estate project as that is more for people on youtube that are always asking me about how I started investing in real estate. :wave:

    2006 Lamborghini Gallardo - Sold
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    2015 Lamborghini Huracan 610-4 - Got it!

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    Looking gorgeous, liking the wrap too, your roads must be sooo flat lol

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    Question for you. I’m just North of Dayton, OH and on your video I think I heard you say you are in Cbus, OH so anyway my question is who does your Huracan work up there? After lowering does the air-raise still work? I have a Verde Coupe & Verde Spyder and am curious if the place you use also does any Huracan maintenance and warranty work. KC from UGR got me mine but he is in NC which obviously is no good for normal maintenance. Thanks.

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Lowered My 610-4... So far so good!  *VIDEO*