Last November marked the 2 year anniversary of our VF800 Supercharger
for the 2nd Gen Audi built 5.2L V10 engine. The introduction of the
dual-injection fuel system used in the Lamborghini Huracan allowed for another
generous increase in power as compared to the 1st Gen VF750 (Audi R8) and
VF760 (Gallardo LP) Supercharger Systems.

Cumulatively the success of our V10 Supercharger program is measured by
more than 300 systems sold and successfully installed around the world since
Spring of 2010, owned by some of the most discerning performance enthusiasts
in our industry.

One recent example is Samuel Hubinette, two-time Formula Drift Champion,
and his wife Stina Hubinette, both professional stunt drivers for TV and Film.
As avid automotive enthusiasts the Hubinette's have owned and piloted some
incredible machinery, including their 2016 Lamborghini Huracan LP 580-2.
The choice to go with the rear-wheel drive supercar makes complete sense
once you understand their intentions for this daily driven project.

The relationship with Samuel and Stina started when they expressed interest
in wanting to add more power to the 571hp equipped Huracan LP 580-2.

Knowing that the differentiation between that and the the 602hp LP 610-4 was
primarily controlled by ECU programming, we let them know that our plug-&-play
HEX Tuning ECU Software would essentially take their vehicle to Huracan
Performante power level through a simple 20-minute process that they could
effectively install through the OBDII Port at home.

Knowing that horsepower is contagious, the more time that Samuel spent visiting
our workshop in Anaheim, CA, the more he kept think about adding our VF800
Supercharger System
. We tried for maybe :30 seconds to talk him out of it, but
who were we kidding ... knowing that he and Stina would no doubt be putting the
extra power to good use, all we needed to do was lock in 3-days for the full install.

It also happened to work out perfectly that we met with Donut Media during
SEMA to discuss working on a project together before the end of the year. When
they heard that the Hubinnete's car was in our workshop, they were all smiles at
the prospect of documenting the installation and worked closely with Driving Line
to line up some track time to get out and drive the following weekend.

The two videos below are what transpired during the 3-day install, and the day
out at the famous Willow Springs Raceway: