3d printed cars?
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    3d printed cars?

    3d printed cars?
    I guess soon we'll all be making our own custom working cars.

    All by using something called a 3d printer...
    3d printing vehicles

    This technology looks superb but is it affordable for the average man and hopefully
    I don't have to be a trigonometry expert or something?

    Happen to come across a few of these blueprint files (Guess they are required for this printing machine) my self as well.

    Like this Roof Wire Canal.
    3D Printed CAR ROOF WIRE CANAL by Christian Arno | Pinshape

    Did anyone dabble into this yet? Love to hear some real life experiences.

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    3d printing is nothing new bud. It has been around for quite sometime and it was known as Prototyping. Just Google it. Yeah now it's just getting popular because you can buy one these printers and place them in your home. Lots of companies have been using this technology for quite some time. Boeing, car companies (Audi just made a 3d printed car). So yeah it's new to the average joe but it's still nothing new. Give it 50 years or so, that's when I think it will get more popular.

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3d printed cars?