Exhaust Behavior in 3 Driving Modes?
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    Exhaust Behavior in 3 Driving Modes?

    Exhaust Behavior in 3 Driving Modes?
    Hello All,
    First I am a new owner coming in. Just drove home a 2017 Huracán 580-2 yesterday afternoon and have a question I can’t seem to find this far.

    What is the experienced drivers feedback on the exhaust tone (the pops and crackles) between the 3 driving modes?

    So far from what I can tell the Strada mode is the tamest when driving through the neighborhood late at night or early AM. That’s cool.

    In the less than 24 hours of ownership I haven’t driven much, but none in Corsa (still getting more comfortable with the quickness and power in even Sport)...

    But in Sport the exhaust has a little more pop and crackle, at least as decelerating to a stop light etc. is Corsa just another level above this or how would you best describe the behavior between the 3 driving modes on the 580-2?
    Thanks and looking forward to virtually meeting some of the people here as a new owner!

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    Sport and Corsa sound about the same.

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    Sport is basically your normal driving mode most of the time while Strada is (like you said) for late night driving or early in the morning whenever you don't feel like causing a lot of noise.

    In my Performante LP640-4 Corsa mode definitely feels and sounds like it's an extra level above Sport. I'm not sure if that's the case in a 580 as well but even standing still you can hear the slight sound difference between Sport and Corsa mode. Sport causes more crackles and pops which you hear and feel a little bit more in Corsa mode, at least from my experience.

    Enjoy your new car, Tom!
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    On my HP, the ONLY difference between Sport and Corsa in terms of sound, is at idle, only because Corsa idles higher. The exhaust flaps are fully open in both modes....
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    pretty sure I get more crackles in sport.

    anyone else think this?


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Exhaust Behavior in 3 Driving Modes?