Will I fit?
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Thread: Will I fit?

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    Will I fit?
    I'm 6'1" and 240 comfort seats. Sure I would like a little more legroom but it's not a problem. Now if car had a clutch pedal would probably become a big issue. That is why I never got a R8 Spyder, was way to uncomfortable to use with a clutch. For the first time in over a month I got my car out for a little drive yesterday, forgot about being careful getting in and banged my head . That can be more of an issue than legroom

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    While you 6'+ guys may "fit" in the car, I'd really like to see you getting in/out. That has to be a pretty funny sight, especially if you can't open the doors full swing. I'm no where near those heights or weights, and even I have trouble getting my size 9's in/out without hitting the sill or door (if the door can only be opened 60-75% swing).

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    I have a few cars that are worse getting into and out of.
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Will I fit?