Tired of that dreadfull scraping sound when pulling in and out of driveways, through uneven intersections, and over speed bumps? Engineered from solid black high density polymer, our Skid Plates are precision machined specifically to the profile of your front bumper. Hardy visible, our skid plates are the perfect barrier between your wallet and costly body shop repairs.

The Aventador S bumper contour leaves two specific areas at the leading edge just outside the center splitter exposed to road rash. This kit Includes a right and left plate as well as all mounting hardware. This kit mounts using factory mounting locations along the back edge with supplied replacement Allen bolts. The leading edge is mountied with black anodized aluminum 3/16 dia. rivets (drilling required).

We only source the highest grade materials for our products. We machine our plates from 3/8 material and guarantee perfect fitment. All edges have a 3/8 radius and all mounting locations are pre drilled and countersunk leaving the mounting hardware flush. Bumper removal is not necessary for installation.

Please don't hesitate if you have any questions. Kits are in stock and shipping worldwide!

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